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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Teaching One-to-One Correspondence

One-to-one correspondence is a skill that my kinders have been working hard to understand. It's so important to make sure our students completely understand this skill, so that they will be more successful in gaining number sense skills in the future. 

My students, especially those with ADHD and weak working memories, really struggle with this skill and need intense, repeated practice. We work on one-to-one correspondence every chance we get and it's really paying off!

Here are a few things that have worked in my room:

1. Tens Frames: We use tens frames A LOT. I put a copy of a tens frame in a plastic pocket folder I got from the Target Dollar Spot in the beginning of the year. I choose an object for the students to count, I call out numbers, and they build that number in the tens frame. After they build it, I have them touch each object as they count. 

For some of my students, the last part is most difficult. They want to rush through the counting or skip numbers. The most important part is to reinforce that each object only stands for one. 

You can really use any object as long as it fits in the boxes. Tailor it to your student's interests or sensory needs. We've used blocks, counter pieces, Play-Doh, etc. I've found that Play-Doh is especially good when they're extra wiggly. We make the pieces together and then use them for the activity. It's just an extra quick way for them to use their hands and get some energy out. 

2. Matching Activities: We do a lot of matching activities with numbers & counters or numbers & tens frames. When they are first starting out with these activities, I let them work in partners until they feel more comfortable. Typically, I lay out the number cards on one side and the picture cards on the other. With students who can be easily overwhelmed, I will lay out one set and hold them others and hold one card up at a time. Make sure the students are counting each piece. My students like to count too fast or skip numbers. When this happens, it's important to make them restart and count again. 

Click here to get a copy of this matching activity. Thanks to KG fonts and Teacher Laura for the fonts and graphics! 
One of my favorite products I have created this year is my One-to-One Correspondence Pack {Winter Edition}. There are three activities to help your students with this skill. 

  • Number-Picture Matching
  • Placing the Correct Number of Objects 
  • Number-Picture Matching Clip Cards 


What do you do in your room to enhance your students' one-to-one correspondence skills? 

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