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Saturday, July 4, 2015

SPED Summer Bloghop: Week 2 {Classroom Setup}

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Welcome back to the SPED Summer Bloghop! It's week two and we're talking all about classroom set-up! If you're interested in my week one post on scheduling you can find that HERE

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Since I am in a resource/inclusion setting my room is pretty tiny. I have room for everything I need and I rarely have more than five kids in my room, so tiny is okay for me. 

My small group table really is the heart of my classroom. When I'm not out of my room doing inclusion, I spend almost all of my time at this table with my resource kids. 

In addition to my small group table, I have one long table and a few desks scattered around for partner and individual work. I don't have a lot of excess furniture because I don't want my room to feel cluttered. Less is more, especially when your students have difficulty with focus. 

Classroom Set-Up Tips:
  1. Make sure all spaces are clearly defined (i.e. small group area, independent work area, etc). It's less confusing for some students if each space is defined and there are clear expectations for that area.
  2. Try your best to limit distractions. Obviously it is not possible to do this 100%, but really think about your set-up. Sit in your library area or small group and see the room from your students' perspective. 
  3. If you want your students to be able to access supplies, keep them in an easy to reach area to limit distractions and wasting time. Since I only have a few students with me at a time, I keep supplies near me so I can hand them to the students quickly. 

Visit Sarah at The Eager Teacher to see how she sets up her classroom!

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