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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Study: Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites {Chapter 4}

This week I'm linking up with Katie at Queen of the First Grade Jungle for Chapter 4. 

Chapter 4 is about one of my favorite things to do in the classroom. PLAY GAMES! 

I love games and my students do too. They are a great way for them to show their learning while having fun!

Did you know that playing games can help you live longer??

The book tells us, "While prekindergarten children love to play games, it is also one of the 10 activities that keep people living beyond the age of 80". They also improve your memory and decrease stress. For our stressed out, test focused kiddos, playing games is so beneficial. 

Sometimes finding/making and preparing games is so much more time consuming than just printing a worksheet, but it is so worth it! They are learning more, are more engaged, and learn valuable social skills. Many of my kids really struggle with taking turns, good sportsmanship, and following directions, so games provide a fun way for them to practice these skills. It's all about educating the whole child! 

My students get so excited about BINGO. We have been playing it to review CVC words after we learn a new vowel sound. They ask to play it all the time. 

One way I give the students more ownership is by allowing the winner to call the next game. They get to sit in my chair and pull out the next words. They love this and it makes them feel so important! 

These BINGO boards are part of my CVC word pack which you can find here.

They also love playing Sight Word Slap. You set up the sight word flashcards, call out a word, and the first one to slap the card gets to keep it. It's a quick and fun way to review sight words and it's No Prep! I got these flashcards from the Target Dollar Spot, but Dollar Tree also keeps them in stock!

We also love matching games in my classroom. We match sight words, numbers & ten frames, and anything else we can match! Matching games are a great hands-on way to gauge a student's understanding of a skill. 

Pictured above is a first sound matching game from my new First Sound Fluency Pack found here

One of my goals in this area is implement more games in the classroom, especially for my students in the upper grades. It's much easier for me to find and prepare games for my kids in the lower grades. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts and I'm sure I'll find some wonderful ideas I can use in my own classroom! 

See you soon for chapter 5!

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