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Friday, August 21, 2015

Classroom Reveal {2015-2016}

This year I moved from my teeny tiny old classroom into a kindergarten classroom that wasn't being used. I have at least four times as much space! I tried to fill up the room as much as I could but still leave it open and spacious. 
This is the view from my teacher desk in the corner. Behind me is a whole wall of cabinets! They are filled with tons of stuff, since my room had been used as storage for the past few years. Hopefully they will get organized little by little throughout the year! 
This is my word wall board. I'm going to put all of the words on rings so that students can take them off and utilize them more than if they were just stapled to the board. 
The bulletin board to the left is blank now, but I will fill it with anchor charts as soon as we get started. Also, how cute is this alphabet from Doodlebugs Teaching? This is my second year using it and I love it so much! 
Last year, I didn't have a pencil system so this year I have a sharpened and unsharpened bin. I'm hoping this works a lot better. I'm prepared with a lot of sharpened pencils already! 
This year we have an ocean theme at our school, so I decided to fit that in with my beginning of the year bulletin board. I tried to make a sailboat to add more to the board, but failed miserably! I'm excited about how this turned out though! 

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a great start to the school year!! 

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