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Monday, June 22, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge: Week 2 {Dare to Dream}

It's time for week two of the TpT Seller Challenge. If you want to see my week one challenge, click here!

Since I'm "all in" for this challenge, I finally created a Facebook page. You can follow me here!

This week is all about goals and dreams. When I put my first product on TpT, I had no expectations. I thought it would be so cool to even sell one product a month. I was unaware of the potential that TpT could have for me and my life. I am beyond grateful for the extra income, inspiration, and creative outlet that TpT brings to my life. 

That said, the endless possibilities on TpT allow me to dream for more than I ever thought possible on a teacher's salary. 

Travel: I want to go everywhere. I can't really think of a place I don't want to go. Italy, Vietnam, Australia, Spain, South Africa, etc. My soon to be husband also loves to travel. We dream of future excursions all the time. Some day I hope to make those discussions a reality. 

Collaborate: In the short time I've been blogging and TpTing, I have been blown away by the creativity and talent of other teachers. I hope to not only continue to learn from others, but collaborate with them in order to help other teachers around the globe. Also, I love that the idea that collaborating and learning from other teacher-blogger-TpTers pushes me to become a better teacher and seller. 

Pay Off Debt: I went to a big college...and I was an out of state student. I am also currently working on my Master's degree. Needless to say, I have a LOT of loans to pay back. I also have a relatively new car to pay off. Although they are all deferred right now because I'm in school, I know those payments are going to be very, very scary once they kick in. 

Thanks to the bloggers below for setting up this great set of challenges! 


  1. I found your blog through the TPT Seller Challenge, fun! Your blog is adorable and I'm your newest follower. I have the same goal, to pay off my student loans, they are out of hand, hopefully TPT will help us out with our goals! I look forward to seeing what you share in the next 2 challenges!

    Pink Polka Dots and Pre-K

  2. I am excited to find your blog! I also teach special education! :) We have similar dreams, too. I love being inspired by others and making some extra dough is perfect for paying off debt!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  3. This challenge has helped me start a facebook page too! I enjoyed reading about part of your journey and your dreams for the future. All of those places to travel to sound beautiful! I

  4. I love how you and your future husband want to travel so much! My husband and I were the same way before we got married. Through an unfortunate set of events, we haven't had quite as much financial stability as we planned these past two years of marriage. TPT is helping us keep our dream of vacations and discovery alive! I wish the best for you and your fiance and all of your traveling adventures through TPT! :)

    Kelsey Buckles
    Simply Magical Learning

  5. I also teach special education and am going back for my masters this fall. I understand the out of control student loans! Great goals!
    Miss Lulu