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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My First Giveaway!..And Other Exciting Things.

I have been super busy this summer! I am still on vacation, but I have a few super exciting pieces of news for everyone!

  1. I got engaged about two weeks ago! I've been so busy getting the initial stuff planned (i.e. venue & date) that I haven't been able to update. 

  2. I am grouping up with a bunch of teachers for a HUGE  back to school giveaway! So far, there are 86 teachers who are each giving away one of their products. If you'd like to join up with us and give away one of your products, click here! Just fill out the Google Form and you're all set! The more people that enter, the better!! The whole thing is organized by Hope, over at Teaching with Hope. She's doing an amazing job so far!

    I'm giving away my Personal Narrative Unit Graphic Organizers. They were so helpful when my students were writing their personal narratives, and I hope they will help the lucky person (who could be you!!) who wins them. You can find them here!
  3. I've finished my Fall Math Pack and uploaded it. It includes TEN math activities and I am beyond excited to use them in my room in the fall! Check them out here

Have a fantastic week! When I get home, I plan on sharing some exciting events from my trip and sharing some information on Genius Hour and student blogging!

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